Deutschkurse ab 07. Märzr - 05. Juli 2019


Donnerstagmorgen 09:00 - 10: 30 Uhr 07. März - 04. Juli  (geplant)


Donnerstagabend 19:00 - 20:30 Uhr 07. März - 04. Juli (geplant)


Lernen Sie in einer motivierten Gruppe und bauen Sie ihre mündliche und schriftlichen Deutschkenntnisse zielorientiert aus.

Verschiedene Gruppenkurse ab A1 bis C1 , Privatunterricht sowie TELC Vorbereitung auf Anfrage.


Different course types:

Intensive (Beginner to Advaced level)
Have you just relocated and want to quickly learn some basic German? 
Then the intensive course is what you need. Intensive courses run  three times a week and allow you to make fast progress. 

Semi-intensive (Beginner to Advanced level)
Do you want to study German more than once a week but find an intensive course too time consuming?
Then the semi-intensive course is for you.

Private one-to-one tuition  (all levels) at  Languages-today
We can offer you a programme based on your level, needs and objectives.
However, if you find it difficult to join a course at our school then One-to-One is the most flexible and personal course available with times and location  to suit. 

Do you already have some knowledge of German but feel that you lack confidence speaking it? 
    •    gain confidence in using German in everyday situations 
    •    practice your German in a relaxed and informal environment! 
    •    improve your conversation skills in German and Swiss-German
    •    broaden your vocabulary in a range of topics 
Practice your German with a qualified teacher! Suitable for participants with a minimum of level A2 or intermediate German. 

Exam preparation 
We help you to prepare for the language proficiency tests (All levels).

Course and price examples:
Semi -Intensive (Beginner to Intermediate)
2 days per week
4 – 6  students 20 lessons of 45 minutes
CHF 385.00 p.p. excl. learning material

Morning intensive (Beginner to Intermediate)
3 days per week ( 08.30 - 10.00 am)
4 – 6 students,  30 lessons of 45 minutes
CHF 575.00 p.p. excl. learning material

1  day per week
4 – 6 students, 18 lessons of 90 minutes
CHF 718.00 p.p. excl. learning material

Private one-to-one tuition  (all levels)
10 lessons of 60 minutes
CHF 830.00 excl. learning material.

Your current language level is determined by means of rating tests and  it automatically moves to the next level as you progress.
​Please Email  for details.